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Best-of-Breed Australian cloud inventory application landed in China


My 10 years experiences of implementing Chinese ERP systems for foreign companies taught me repeated negative lessons about how impactful the smoothness and usability of product design would eventually be on the efficiency and productivity of client’s operation.

During a trip last year to Sydney, I met Alexei Piltiaev, director of Dear Inventory. He showed me the exquisite design and powerful features of his cloud based inventory management application. I was immediately convinced that my clients’ frustrations can be eliminated. I suddenly felt a sense of mission, as simple as introducing a good product, from another side of the world, to those who used to be plagued by bad ones, and then benefit by solving their problems much easier. No matter those SMEs are from retailing, wholesaling or simple manufacturing industries, inventory managers’ pains can be relieved to a large extent.

Now, after nearly one entire year of collaborative efforts, Dear Inventory was introduced and localized to China and integrated with MEGI online accounting. The product is renamed as Stoqo and already, there are 10 prototyping clients who implemented Stoqo with 100% satisfaction.

Features of Dear Inventory/Stoqo at a glance

  • Multi-currency, Multi Warehouse Locations, Multiple Price Tiers, Serial Numbers, Barcodes, Batches, Volume Discounts, Customer Group Discounts, Drop shipping, Backorders, Kitting
  • Purchase orders, Credit Notes, Stock, Return To Supplier, Un-stock. Export purchases to MEGI. Import payment transactions from MEGI.
  • Sale quotes, Sale Invoices, Pick, Pack, Ship, Return from customers, Re-stock. Export sales to MEGI. Import payment transactions from MEGI.
  • Stock adjustments, Stocktaking, Stock Transfers, Finished Goods, Recurring Orders, Bill Of Materials, Auto-assembly, Auto-Disassembly, Job Costing
  • Reporting on Inventory Movement, Stock on Hand, Cost Analysis, Compare Goods Received vs Ordered, Profit Summary and much more.
  • Modify invoice, credit note, quotes and purchase orders templates to include your company logo, special conditions, additional payment options etc.

Comparison between Dear Inventory/Stoqo + MEGI and Chinese counterparts

For a typical accounting + supply chain management project

You don’t have to have an unreasonably high budget for implementation when the software is designed in a way that is intrinsically simple, intuitive and easy to use. What is more important is the ongoing cost of operations on the software by your staff, which is hidden and can potentially be enormous, if they are constantly coping with the difficulties and inefficiencies of a bad software instead of being enabled by a delicate one to smoothly carrying out their daily tasks.

Comparison table of the tangible costs:

Currency: RMB

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