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5 Stoqo Highlighted Functions Adopted by Hofmann to Increase Supply Chain Management Efficiency

Case Briefing

Ningbo Hofmann Asia Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of German Hofmann Innovation Group. It mainly operates on mold and product procurement for automobile prototype testing.

Since the company adopted Stoqo Cloud Inventory Management System, it uses the system to manage daily business such as purchasing to orders, batch and production date management, service sales, and other day-to-day businesses. Moreover, Stoqo’s Additional Attribute fulfills business process tracking and analysis for projects, original order number and project phases. Every user can easily understand and use the print layout design function to produce printing templates for contracts, orders, and product labels in need of printing.

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Stoqo is an Australian inventory management software based on SaaS model. It includes functions such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management, assembling & manufacturing, cost accounting and business analytical statement. It suits the needs of companies focusing on trading and simple assembling.

Stoqo has innovative design concepts in function layout and process. It is easy to learn and use and brings excellent and smooth user experience.

Ningbo Hofmann Asia Import & Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hofmann) mainly operates on export and import of on mold and product for automobile prototype testing, to be more specifically, molds and injection products. The company purchases goods in China and export them to its overseas parent company or to final customers. In addition, it also imports certain raw materials from abroad and sells them to domestic Chinese suppliers.

By implementing Stoqo system, Hofmann was able to obtain a solution far more superior than other ERP system with a relatively lower cost. It achieved complete inventory management, clear and efficient process control, and met the need for real-time analysis report. More details are listed below:

1. Make to Order

Hofmann’s main customer is its German headquarter. The order management department will only release purchase orders to suppliers in China when they receive purchase requirements from Germany and sign the sales agreement. Therefore, Hofmann always makes its purchase by orders and also requires suppliers to produce by orders.

Reorder Backordered Stock, a standard function of Stoqo’s system, is able to generate purchase orders based on the amount in bulk needed from customer’s sales order. Hence, it reduces the repetitive work on purchase order entry and ensures consistency between purchase and sales information.

Backorder Management within Sales Order in Stoqo

Reorder Management in Stoqo

2. Batch and Production Date Management

Hofmann may places purchase orders of the same product to suppliers multiple times. In order to differentiate the batches for the same product, Hofmann applies Stoqo’s Batch Management and Production Date Management functions to all of its products. Warehouse staff can clearly view information such as product batch, production date, warehouse and available quantity while they pick up stocks from the storage. There is no need to be redirected to inventory inquiry page.

Product Batch, Production Date, Inventory and Quantity information Shown during Order Picking in Stoqo

3. Service Sales

In order to improve and test its products, Hofmann provides mold modification service. As a service product, mold modification service can be processed via Service Only sales orders in Stoqo. As a standard function, it does not require the out-stock operation, therefore, service sale process is simplified and does not need to resort to any workaround.

Service Only Sales Orders in Stoqo

4. Multi-dimension Business Tracking (Per Projects, Original Order Number, Project Phase, etc.)

Stoqo’s Additional Attribute is able to set up at most 10 tracking categories for each transaction type or master file. It could be in text form, in list form, and/or in checklist form. It is easy to use and helps users to fill in and label tracking information at any time.

Hofmann uses 3 tracking categories related to supply chain listed as follows:

Project: Since products are used for automobile prototype testing, there maybe multiple sales orders for one testing project to improve and test molds and products. There is a need to track all the sales and purchase businesses with a project number so that the goods can be sent and delivered accurately.

Original Order Number: The origin of a business project starts from customer’s purchase order. Hofmann also uses customer’s purchase order number as the internal tracking information for sales and purchase business.

Project Phase: Label the project phase on PO for multiple improvements and testing.

Manage Tracking and Classification by Using Stoqo’s Additional Attribute

5. Easy-to-use Printing Layout Design

Hofmann needs to print contracts, in-out stock receipts and product labels in daily operations. Unlike complicated and overly technical print layout design function in traditional ERP system, the function in Stoqo can be operated and completed in Microsoft Word. It is flexible, easy and simple to use, just like managing texts, graphs and charts in Word. Every Hofmann user can master it after basic training and design their own printing layout formats.

Design Printing Layout in Microsoft Word

Product Label Printout in Stoqo

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